Are we using your information?

Absolutely not! We use the official login API from all services, meaning that we never access your data.

How can I get updates and information about new releases and development state?

Follow us at @movetoapple

I can't login on Spotify or Rdio.

We use a piece of Safari browser on our app to show the login screen from each service. Make sure you have Cookies enabled on Safari.

I want to log in from a different account.

Open Safari and log out from Spotify or Rdio before reopening the app and trying again.

How do you capture my iTunes session?

We use this great library called mitproxy in order to intercept the data iTunes sends to Apple's server. In that way we can replicate exacly the same request as iTunes would do when you click on 'Add to My Music' button.

I'm having trouble capturing my iTunes session.

  • First make sure you are logged into iTunes and are subscribed to Apple Music.
  • Also make sure you have iCloud sync on your playlists.
  • Apple Music came on iTunes 12.2 update, so make sure your iTunes version is 12.2+.
  • Sometimes it helps to paste the app into /Applications folder and run from there.
  • Try relaunching the iTunes app before you start capturing.
  • Let iCloud sync your music before you start capturing (tracks change color from light gray to black).
  • Make sure auto-updates are enabled. We are continually fixing bugs and an update might just solve the issue.
  • If you still have trouble, do not hesitate to email us at

I keep losing my internet connection while capturing my iTunes session

On this step, we need to get between you and iTunes so we can grab the necessary info to import your songs. You should have your internet back once you complete the session capture or hit cancel.

Something happened and now I don't have internet connection even with Move to Apple Music app closed

The problem is that our app couldn't remove the proxy from your settings. To do that go to
System Configuration > Network > (Wifi or Ethernet, whatever you're connected to) > Advanced... > Proxies(Tab) > Uncheck "Secure Web Proxy (HTTP)"
then hit OK and Apply.

If you still have problems please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Some songs are grayed out.

That's iCloud weirdness. Try logging out from every device you have and logging in again starting from iTunes on your computer.

There is a crossed cloud on the side of my playlist

Some songs may be local files on your playlist, try to indentify them and add them manually from Apple Music. There are cases where songs are grayed out, try deleting them.

Why does it take so much time to import all my songs?

There is a 30 second delay between each import to keep the iTunes API happy.

In how many computers I can install the license?

You can install on two computers only. We worked many long hours to put the app together, we appreciate you paying for the license.

I want to uninstall the app

We recommend you to use this little neat app in order to also get rid of all related files using AppCleaner

Didn’t find your answer?

Send an email to Please give us at least 48h for a reply, this app is becaming very popular and we are a small team. Thanks for your patience.